Quad Cities Virtual Races

Vanderveer Mile

Start anywhere on the perimeter of Vanderveer Park on the sidewalk.

Either direction is OK! Pick one and stick with it. No running back and forth.

The perimeter is approximately .85 miles. Run one full lap plus a partial length of one side.

Stop your watch or device at one mile. Share your result!

Vandeerveer Park Path Map

Duck Creek 3 Mile Run

On the Duck Creek Trail Parkway, start here at Eastern Avenue Park.

Run 1.5 miles to Duck Creek Road and turn around.

Run 1.5 miles back to Eastern Avenue Park.

Stop your watch or device at 3 miles. Share your result!

Duck Creek Three Mile map
Respect others using the path or the park.
You are responsible for your own safety. Watch the corners at Vanderveer!
If you are interrupted in any way, no worries! You can try as many times as you like.
Your result will be listed when times are submitted with a link after it's verified.

Virtual races

How do the races work?

You are feeling great. You are injury-free. You are in peak shape and certain you can set a Personal Record! Virtual racing is a great way to get that PR. A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) at your convenience. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself.
Set up an account. You will receive a bib number. There is no cost to participate.
Go to one of the race locations.
Have your GPS device ready.
Start your walk/run and your GPS.
At the end of one mile or three miles, stop your device.
Visit this website, go to Add Your Time and login to share* look for a share symbol* your time by proving your times and corresponding link.



Quad Cities Virtual Races

What is unique about them?

There are specified paths for the races.
Your may run the race or races any time and as many times as you like to get your best time possible. Think of it like video game scoring!
Age groups will be added once the numbers grow!
Your time is good for six months. After six months, your time disappears. If you run it again and share a new time entry, the clock starts over.
There will be age goups for the Vandeer Mile, Duck Creek Three Mile, and the four mile combination of the one and three miles times.



The running is REAL!

The racing is virtual.

Think about a good time to run the races. The Duck Creek Park Trailway is dark after hours. Running alone at night is never a good idea. Think about the best time when there is the least amount of traffic.
Run with partner or small group.
Listen or feel for the buzz on your GPS device at the one mile or three mile before stopping it.
The QC Virtual Races are excellent training for long distance racing.
Be sure to read the FAQ!
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