Quad Cities Virtual Races

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The GPS device allows you to view your a map, details of your run, and to share it via a link. Here is a valid link example(Garmin), https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/5155452438. Look for a share icon from your GPS app for the run, copy and paste the link. It will not be shared with anyone! Here are some helpful links: MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and Garmin.
Anything under 1 mile does not count. Anything under 3 miles does not count.
Nope. Moving time, running time, start time and end times are some of things we check for discrepencies.
We don't want runners watching or looking at their GPS watch or device while waiting for it to hit 3.10! It slows you down and eyes need to be on the road. We will stay on the mile for additional races.
Absolutely! I recommend it. On the Vanderveer Mile route, get to your top speed and then start your GPS. For the three mile, start on the sidewalk north or south of the start point and then start it as soon as you turn onto the path.
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